Which is the Best Cars in SUV and MUV Segment [2021 Edition]

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The Best Segment Car Campare in SUV and MUV. [2021 Edition]

SUV :- SUV full form is “Sports Utility Vehicle”. It’s more kind of Sports and High ground clearance. SUV Car Means Passenger Cars. In this SUV car having features- off road car, more Ground Clearance and All Wheel Drive System. All Drive means 4 Wheel generates engine’s Power. SUV car size is Big and it’s engine more powerful and features and good design. It’s Seating Capacity 5 to 7. This SUV Segment is best for off road, climbing hill and terrains. etc this car easily handled it. Because it’s car Suspension is more Powerful than MUV.

SUV Segment


SUV gives better performance for off road experience than MUV

MUV :- MUV full form is “Multi Utility Vehicle”. MUV’s allow to use between multiple combination of Laggage and Passenger Car. MUV are designed to carry extra load and people and not for climbing hill and terrains. MUV is based on VAN. In this car having features – Front Wheel Drive, It’s engine power lower than SUV. But MUV is Cheaper than SUV and MUV gives Better Mileage than SUV. MUV is not for off-road car, MUV is a family passenger car and it’s size is large. 

MUV Segment


Examples of SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

Serial No.Car’s NameBody Type
1Kia SonetSUV
2Hyundai VenueSUV
3Kia SeltosSUV
4Tata NexonSUV
5Toyota Urban CruiserSUV
6Audi Q2SUV
7Mahindra ScorpioSUV
8Mahindra XUV3OOSUV
9Tata HarrierSUV
10MG HectorSUV
11Mahindra XUV5OOSUV
12Mahindra BoleroSUV
13MG GlosterSUV
14Toyota Land CruiserSUV
15Mahindra TUV3OOSUV

Examples of MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle)

Serial No.Car’s NameBody Type
1Maruti Suzuki ErtigaMUV
2Renault TriberMUV
3Toyota Innova CrystaMUV
4Maruti Suzuki XL6MUV
5Datsun Go+MUV
6Kia CarnivalMUV
7Mahindra XyloMUV
8Renault LodgyMUV
9Toyota VellfireMUV
10Maruti Suzuki EecoMUV
11Mahindra MarazzoMUV
12Mercedes Benz V-ClassMUV

Overall SUV is Better than MUV

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