Tesla India Model 3 Launch Date & Price Confirmed ? (NEWS – 1)

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Tesla India Model 3 Launch Date & Price Confirmed ? 


2 Month after ELON MUSK aasured Tesla Coming to India in 2021, It is Finally happening.


Tesla Launch
Tesla Model 3

   Tesla will commence the booking of Model 3 from Next Month and will Deliver by Q12022.


       It is Price in U.S :- 29 Lakhs.

– Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways The Minister – ‘Nitin Gadkari‘ Confirm Tesla coming to India in early 2021.

– Will Start from Operation & Sales and then focus on Assembly & Manufacturing.

– Will Start Delivery from June 2021 in India.

Tesla Launch
Tesla Model 3

– ‘ELON MUSK‘ Announced on Twitter in 2016, the first car to be available in India will be The Model 3 – Sedan. The expected price is about ₹ 55 – 60 Lakhs and booking will resume in India from next month, the First Person aware of the matter told ET Auto. Because more taxes added in India on Tesla. So, Tesla is More Expensive in ET Auto Market.

– Tesla USP (Unique Selling Point) – Self – Driving  Features but how manage it ? It is Very Critical for Tesla, Because having Many Issues – Everypeople are Overtaking Cars, Buses and Many times Animales Crossing Roads etc. But It is Interesting  and Challenging for Tesla how to upgrade Self – Driving Features.

I Wanna asked you..

1) What you think about Tesla ?

2) Is that Successful in India Model 3 Sedan Car ?

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