10 Best Selling MUV of World 2020 – @BigWildCars || Ertiga, Chrysler, Roomy, Soul, Buick ||

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Top 10 Best Selling MUV of World 2020 – @BigWildCars

Top 10 Best Selling MUV of World 2020

We are discuss about – Top 10 Best Selling MUV of World (2020). Maruti Suzuki is a no. 1 company of India and Market Suzuki’s market share is around 50% in India. Always Maruti Suzuki’s 5 to 7 cars are in the list of top 10.

       Best Selling MUV of World

SL No.Car’s NameYear(2020)
8TOYOTA ROOMY87,242 Units
7TOYOTA SIENTA89,162 Units
6MARUTI EECO99,480 Units
5KIA SOUL1,09,920 Units
4TOYOTA ALPHARD1,25,328 Units
3HONDA ODYSSEY1,49,684 Units
2BUICK GL81,56,879 Units

1) WULING HONGGUANG :- The Wuling Hongguang is a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). This is the Chinese company. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 2,70,000 Units.    

Wuling Hongguang

2) BUICK GL8 :- The Buick GL8 is a minivan that is made by Shanghai GM, a joint-venture between chinese automaker SAIC motor and American automaker General Motor. The Buick GL8 is sales only in Chinda in 2020 – 1,56,879 Units.

Buick GL8

3) HONDA ODYSSEY :- The Honda Odyssey can refer to three motor vehicle manufactured by Honda. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 1,49,684 Units.    

  • Honda Odyseey (International), sold in Japan and most other parts of the world.
  • Honda Odyssey (North America), sold primarity in the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia.    

Honda Odyssey

4) TOYOTA ALPHARD :- Toyota Alphard is a mini-van produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2002, It is available with a seven – eight seater and petrol and hybrid engine options. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 1,25,328 Units.    

Toyota Alphard

5) KIA SOUL :- The Kia Soul is a Subcompact Crossover SUV manufactured and marketed worldwide by KIA. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 1,09,920 Units.    

Kia Soul

6) MARUTI EECO :- Maruti Eeco is a microvan introduced in India by the Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki in early 2010, Eeco comes with 5-7 seater options. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 99,480 Units.    

Maruti Eeco

7) TOYOTA SIENTA :- The Toyota Sienta is a mini MPV with sliding doors manufactured by Toyota, The Sienta is a currently sold in Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Laos and Thailand.  It is sales only in China in 2020 – 89,162 Units.  

Toyota Sienta


8) TOYOTA ROOMY :- The Daihatsu Thor (also called Toyota Roomy/ Thor) is a mini MPV with sliding doors designed and manufactured by Daihatsu. It is currently sold in China.  It is sales only in China in 2020 – 87,242 Units.  

Toyota Roomy


9) CHRYSLER PACIFICA :- The Chrysler Pacifica is a mid-size crossover produced by Chrysler. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 87,163 Units.   

Chrysler Pacifica

10) MARUTI SUZUKI ERTIGA :- The Maruti Suzuki Eatiga is a seven – seater mini / compact MPV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki, the Indian Ertiga was designed specifically for Indian consumers, unlike the other maruti models. It is sales only in China in 2020 – 80,679 Units.  

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

NOTES :- Do you want about this Cars full Specification so comments me, I will make a Separate Posts on this Topic.

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